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even Luzerne County Community College student athletes are showing they excel both athletically and academically. The Eastern Pennsylvania Athletic more

"When I was 17 or 18 and thought I was one of the cool kids, I made fun of classmates who planned to attend to a community college. Looking back now, more

Throughout her childhood, Harveys Lake resident Kate Evans remembers her family often stopping into Dymonds Farm Market Bakery to buy ?goodies?. more

We want to be pampered. We want to be well fed. We want the comforts of home. We want respect and our needs served quickly. We want to be more

Saturday, March 4, 2017 brought an early wake up for three LCCC students. Taylor Gugliotti, Christina Fuehrer, and myself, along with Professor Ron more

Luzerne County Community College has many different faces. Some faces are young or old, new or from the past. These faces are of the people who walk more

Are you struggling in a class and thinking you might fail? The tutoring program is available to help anyone having difficulty with a class subject. more

Are you struggling in a class and thinking you might fail? The tutoring program is available to help anyone having difficulty with a class subject. more

You have heard of the names Duff Goldman, and Buddy Valastro. These are just two of the many famous names who come to mind when someone hears the more

The Nurse Aide Training Program at Luzerne County Community College is designed to train students in the basic knowledge and skills needed in order more

Luzerne County Community College offers eight exciting majors for students interested in the field of communications. Students interested in a career more

Mary Majewski '86 and Jennifer Clarke '91 really know their audience. Of course, they have been working with this audience for more than 20 years. more

Whether it's uncertainty over what major to choose or how to come out ahead in the job market, the counselors at LCCC's Career Services Office are more

One of the hot new careers in the workforce lately is Medical Reimbursement and Coding. Delivering quality healthcare depends on capturing accurate more

As the need for alternative energy increases, the need for trained technicians in fields like nuclear engineering technician continue to grow. In more

The great thing about working in advertising is you get to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades, according to Jeremie Musyt, creative director, DeLuca Frigoletto more

If we all landed the dream jobs we wanted when we were kids, everyone in the world would be firefighters, astronauts, ballerina dancers, movie stars, more

A grey octagon of tape separates the children while they watch gleefully as their custom made robots search for red and blue rubber balls. These " more

Are you interested in science? Do you enjoy sports? Do you have a physically active life style? If so, an exercise science major could be the right more

Capturing the spoken word provides a permanent record on statements or conversations. New technology and media --- such as computer search engines, more

You hear news stories everywhere concerning credit card numbers being stolen online and the wide spread of e-mail viruses. Cyber crime is one of the more