Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Strategic Plan

1.1 - Create and sustain enrollment opportunities to ensure access and academic attainment for all in LCCC service areas, including veterans and underserved populations.

1.2 - Leverage technology and implement innovative practices to increase student engagement, enrollment yield and improve enrollment and completion.

1.3 - Create new and enhance existing Pathways to completion, transfer and post-college success.

1.4 - Empower and engage students as partners in learning through a holistic system of needs-based support.

2.1 - Ensure all students acquire foundational competencies through a learner centered curriculum.

2.2 - Integrate state-of-the-art technology and practices into all curriculums.

2.3 - Promote practices that will provide the tools for students to continually develop skills, knowledge and dispositions to be lifelong learners and contribute to a complex global society.

2.4 - Design academic offerings that align student need and market demand.

3.1 - Enhance and expand collaborative alliances with community stakeholder organizations to best prepare students for further academic achievement, employment and service to the community.

3.2 - Increase the region's educational attainment through innovative offerings that prepare students to meet workforce needs.

3.3 - Communicate LCCC's value proposition and return on student investment to the broad community.

4.1 - Implement transformative practices to create and sustain a diverse, inclusive and equitable (DEI) campus climate.

4.2 - Recruit, retain and support a diverse College community.

4.3 - Provide inclusive excellence in curriculum, instruction and assessment.

4.4 - Act as a leader in DEI through engaging, inspirational and educational practices for students and employees.

5.1 - Effectively leverage technology to facilitate all student and staff communications and automate workflow.

5.2 - Secure and allocate resources to best support recruitment, retention and completion utilizing best practices in higher education.

5.3 - Maintain a safe, accessible and esthetically pleasing physical environment that reflects the College’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

5.4 - Continually foster a culture of assessment, using assessment as a tool to ensure excellence.