Benco Dental Clinic

The Dental Hygiene Program at LCCC provides dental hygiene care at the Benco Dental Health Clinic four to five days a week from September through April. The 24 chair state-of-the-art Clinic is located in the Francis S. and Mary Gill Carrozza Health Sciences Center at 42 East Main Street in Nanticoke (on the corner of East Main Street and Broadway Street). It is staffed by licensed dental hygienists and dentists. The dental hygiene students demonstrate competency in all clinical skills before providing patient care.

Services Provided

The following preventive dental hygiene services are FREE to LCCC students, faculty and staff:
  • Thorough intra and extra oral exam, including oral cancer and blood pressure screenings
  • Comprehensive teeth cleaning - a periodontal procedure that removes deposits above and below the gum line
  • Digital x-rays - use less radiation and can be e-mailed to your dentist
  • Topical fluoride treatment - a very effective fluoride varnish that helps strengthen teeth and prevent dental decay
  • Sealants - hard plastic coverings placed over the biting surfaces of teeth to help prevent cavities
  • Denture Cleaning - and thorough oral cancer exam
  • Desensitization procedures - includes application of agents designed to reduce tooth sensitivity associated with gum recession
  • Dental care instructions to assist people in maintaining good oral health. This includes a toothbrush and other oral health aids
  • SDF (silver diamine fluoride) fluoride application - a new fluoride treatment that can arrest/stop dental decay

Appointment Information

Treatment in the Clinic proceeds more slowly than in a dental office because the services are rendered by students and carefully evaluated by the faculty. Appointments are usually two to four hours in length and patients may have to visit the Clinic more than one time to complete treatment.

Please call (570) 740-0446 to schedule an appointment. People of all ages - with and without teeth-- may be eligible to sit as patients.

This service can be especially helpful to those without dental insurance.


  • Adults $20.00
  • Seniors Citizens $10.00
  • Children (ages 6-17) $10.00
  • Children (ages 5 and under) FREE

Fall / Spring Semester Appointment Times