Prior Learning

College Credit for Life Experience

What is prior learning?
Prior learning is the term used to describe learning which occurs outside of a traditional classroom environment. Students may use prior learning to obtain college credit and shorten time to degree completion. Students need to be currently enrolled and the courses they are petitioning for prior learning must be relevant to their program of study. Please note, some fees may apply where noted. Financial Aid may not be applied to prior learning and course credit equivalencies may not transferrable, but can be used toward degree completion at LCCC.

What is prior learning assessment?
Prior learning assessment is the evaluation of a student's learning outside the traditional classroom. There are many paths a student may take to evaluate and assess his/her learning.

Credit By Portfolio

Credit for Work and Life Experience - Not all learning is done in the classroom!

College Credit FastTrack allows students to earn credit for prior work and life experience by developing an e-portfolio! Students demonstrate their proficiency in the goals and learning outcomes that would typically be taught in the classroom. Just a few examples of prior learning experience might include:

  • Work History
  • Life Experience/Community Service
  • Military Experience
  • Continuing Education Programs and/or Non-Credit Courses

Approved Courses - College Credit FastTrack College Credit FastTrack

You must review the standard course syllabus, goals, and learning outcomes. Does your prior learning, work, and life experiences reflect the goals and outcomes of the class? If so, please go to College Credit FastTrack , review "How It Works" and begin your petition today!

The cost is $150.00 per course petition. This fee is due upon acceptance of your petition and can be paid on College Credit FastTrack. Financial aid may not be used for prior learning.

Any questions can be email to

Credit By Examinations

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College-Level Examination Program is a national program administered by the College Board. This program is a common way through which students may earn college credit for what they have learned. Students can take CLEP tests, and if the courses are transferable to their college, can earn college credit. Students may be able to earn as many as 12 credits of college credit. For more information on registering and scheduling your CLEP examination, please go to

Accepted Exams and Equivalencies

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
LCCC recognizes advanced achievement in secondary schools by granting to qualified students college credit for up to 15 credits for their performance of Advanced Placement Examinations administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Official transcripts from the College Entrance Examination Board are required.

Advanced Placement Courses and LCCC equivalencies

LCCC Challenge Exams
Challenge examinations are offered for some classes at LCCC. These examinations are developed by LCCC faculty. Students must earn a minimum grade and demonstrate proficiency as described in the standard course syllabus, goals, and learning outcomes. The cost for LCCC Challenge Exams is $150.00 and due prior to completion of examination(s). Interested students should go to College Credit FastTrack and begin their petition. In addition to completing the challenge examination, students will also be required to provide a resume and personal statement.

Approved Courses for LCCC Challenge Examinations

Credit For Military Training

Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy Military Training

Military personnel are eligible to have their military experience and training evaluated for transfer credit by submitting a DD 214 and military transcript. Credit may be awarded for military training that has been evaluated by the American Council on Education and assigned a recommended credit value when the training is directly related to the student's program of study.

Request Military Transcript Course Equivalencies

Military courses and trainings are continually evaluated, please check for updates.

Air Force service members should request transcripts from the college they attended.

Credit For Training and Continuing Education

LCCC recognizes continuing education programs and certifications as valuable educational experiences as they apply to your program of study. You must be a currently enrolled student and provide official transcripts for evaluation.

Program Equivalencies

Credit for LCCC Continuing Education Programs
Students who have successfully completed certain non-credit courses at LCCC are able to articulate the skills and knowledge attained for college credits. This program provides opportunities for students to earn advanced credentials in several diploma, certificate, and associate degree programs at LCCC. This is an excellent opportunity to get started on a credit bearing program while saving time and money towards completion of a diploma, certificate, or applied associate degree.

Program and Course Equivalencies

Credit For Current Certifications
LCCC accepts certain certifications as college credit equivalencies. You must provide proof of current certification and/or official scores or transcripts.

Certifications and College Credit Equivalencies

Credit For Career and Technical Education
High school students can earn college credits at Luzerne County Community college for their program of study (major). Get a head start on your college career and be prepared for in-demand, high-wage careers. You can save money on college tuition and earn your degree faster. Make an appointment with your guidance counselor to find out what courses are accepted by LCCC.

PA SOAR Programs