ACT101 Program

ACT 101 is a supportive program whose purpose is to improve graduation rates of specific populations of students. The program serves full and part time students who meet eligibility guidelines.

Students must meet one of the following:

  • Have tested into one or more developmental courses
  • Have earned a GED
  • Be an ESL student
  • Be out of the educational system for 5 or more years
And Meet income guidelines (annual family income equal to or less than 200 % of the federal poverty income guidelines)

Samples of programs offered by ACT-101:

Snack Days: one per semester, The ACT 101 staff and students come together Over "snacks" to talk, network and learn more about ACT 101.

Each spring the ACT 101 students and staff take a trip for cultural and educational purposes.

Around the time of final exams, ACT 101 has the "Stress Free Zone" where Can come to relax, eat, play and generally get away from the stress of finals.

We also offer a book and laptop lending program.

Come join us! For more information on ACT 101 or to find out if you qualify, call or email one of our staff:

Cindy Malkames, Counselor
570-740-0498 or