Connect to LCCC's Wireless Network

LCCC Staff and Students
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For the best experience, please be sure to read and follow the instructions before starting this process.

To connect to the 'LCCCWireless' network, we need to create a network profile for you.

For the best experience, and to automatically keep your network profile up to date, it is recommended that you install the Aruba Onboard app before continuing.

Step 1 - Download and Install the Aruba Onboard App
Return to this page after you download and install the app.

Download for Windows Computer
Download for macOS
Download for Ubuntu

Step 2 - Add Profile to Aruba Onboard app
Next steps (read all steps before proceeding)
1. Click 'I have the app, add my profile' below.
2. Sign in with your email address and password.
3. Click 'Install using Aruba Onboard app' then 'Open' in Aruba Onboard.
4. Click 'Set up network profile.'
5. Click 'Allow' so Aruba Onboard can add the LCCCWireless hotspot network.
6. Your device will then try to reconnect to the Internet using one of the installed network profiles. Exit the app.

2Aruba Onboard iOS Login Image 3Aruba Onboard iOS Open Image 4Aruba Onboard iOS Setup Image 5Aruba Onboard iOS Allow Image 6Aruba Onboard iOS Complete Image

1 I Have The App, Add My Profile

If you do not want to install the Aruba Onboard app, you may continue in your browser.
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