Connect to LCCC's Guest Network

LCCC Guests
Are you an LCCC student or staff member? Click HERE.

Connect to the 'LCCC Guest' Wi-Fi Network

Go to your Wi-Fi settings, click 'LCCC Guest'.
1. A 'Sign In' page will open. Select 'Register >' at the bottom.
2. Enter your email or phone number to register your device, click 'Register'.
3. A verification code will be sent to your email or phone.
4. Enter the verification code, click 'Verify'. *On iOS, if you select the code to auto-populate, no need to click 'Verify'

1iOS Guest Logins 2iOS Guest Register 3iOS Guest Verify 4iOS Guest Success

That's it! You should see LCCC's main website and you now have access to the 'LCCC Guest' wi-fi network. This access is good for 24 hrs.