Parents Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether your daughter or son is thinking about becoming an LCCC student or is already enrolled, we know you want to be involved and that you probably have a great deal of questions. LCCC has compiled some Frequently Asked Questions, below, to help you. Please feel free to contact the College for any additional questions or information you need.

Q: How do I contact my son or daughter in an emergency?
A: In the event of an emergency during normal business hours, contact the Office of Student Development at (570) 740-0344. In the event of an emergency during evenings and weekends, call Campus Security at (570) 740-0304 or the Campus Security cellphone at (570) 239-0128. To reach the College's switchboard, please call 800-377-LCCC (5222).

Q: When will my son or daughter find out if she or he has been accepted to LCCC?
A: The Admissions Office reviews your application after all required documents are received. Applicants will have an acceptance letter sent to them in the mail two or three weeks after completing the application process.

Q: When will my daughter or son find out if he or she has received Financial Aid?
A: It takes approximately four to six weeks to process the FAFSA form. The Financial Aid Office will start awarding first time students in February, if all paperwork is on file. Returning students do not receive financial aid until after grades are checked at the end of May.

Q: If a student has been awarded work-study, when will he or she actually be assigned a job?
A: When he/she is awarded work study, a work study application will be sent out. Once it is completed and returned, he or she will be contacted in late August/early September to come in for an interview.

Q: Will my daughter or son need a computer?
A: Yes, but if they do not have a computer, they have full access to our computer labs. At the main campus, we have 661 academic PC's and 33 computer labs available for student use. One of these academic computers labs is a dedicated open use student lab which consists of 63 computers. We also have four academic computer labs at the Wilkes-Barre Center (69 computers), three academic computer labs at the Hazleton Center (54 computers), two academic computer labs at the Shamokin Center (38 computers), two academic labs at the Berwick Center (42 computers), and one academic computer lab at the Kulpmont Center (15 computers).

Q: What is the recommended course load for first-year students (freshmen)?
A: Most students take between 12 to 15 credits per semester.

Q: Where and when can my daughter or son purchase textbooks and supplies?
A: Students can buy new and used textbooks and supplies right at the LCCC Bookstore located on the top floor of the College's Campus Center. Books can also be purchased online through the store.

Q: How is parking arranged on campus?
A: Parking is available on campus in five (5) student parking lots in different areas of the campus. All on-campus student parking is free, however all vehicles parked on campus must be registered with Campus Security and display a valid LCCC parking permit. Parking arrangements at off-campus locations varies from available student parking areas to using public parking facilities.

Q: Is tutoring available?
A: Yes. And it's free. At the Main Campus, LCCC's Learning Lab ( is located on the bottom floor of the Campus Center. Students can sign up for tutoring online by going to 'Tutoring Services' under 'Forms & Resources' on the Student Intranet ( At LCCC's dedicated Center locations, please check with the Center director, your instructor, or the Title III Coordinator about available tutoring opportunities.

Q: When do students get their grades?
A: Grades are usually available two weeks after final grade reports are due in the Registrar's Office.

Q: Why can't I receive my son's or daughter's grades?
A: Students, once they turn 18, are considered adults and strict federal privacy laws prohibit LCCC from divulging their specific academic information: grades, grade point averages, classroom attendance, etc., to anyone -- even parents. We are permitted, however, to announce LCCC's Dean's List to the media. We do this after letters have been sent to students' homes notifying them that they have made the List.

Q: Where should my son or daughter go for academic advice or questions?
A:. At Main Campus, the student's counselor is available during the day to provide academic guidance throughout their time at LCCC. Evening students can meet with a counselor in the Admissions Office in Building 5 after 5:00 p.m.

Q: How safe is the campus?
A: LCCC has the safest campus in northeastern Pennsylvania. The campus has CCTV camera systems, improved external lighting and increased patrol activity by security officers. For statistics on crime on campus please see the LCCC Security page.

Q: Does LCCC have on-campus housing? LCCC does not offer on-campus housing for students; however, there are several safe and affordable apartment communities located within a few miles of campus.

Q: Is there an academic calendar available for specific semester dates?
A: Yes. LCCC publishes the College's official academic calendar online and in our catalogs.

Q: How can I get information on Financial Aid?
A: Information concerning financial aid at LCCC is available on the Financial Aid page, as well as by calling the Financial Aid Office.

Q: Where can I get my questions answered concerning my son or daughter's tuition/bill?
A: Questions concerning a student's bill, refund or payments may be directed to the College's Business Office, which is located in building 5. You can contact them at 800-377-5222, ext. 7364.

Q: When is my son or daughter's graduation ceremony?
A: LCCC holds graduation ceremonies each May. Exact dates are available on the college's General Calendar.

Q: How do I order announcements and a cap and gown?
A: Students should contact the LCCC Bookstore at 1-800-377-5222, ext. 7434 to order their caps and gowns, as well as their personalized announcements.

Q: Can I register for my son or daughter?
A: No. Each student is responsible for his or her own registration.

Q: My son or daughter has become ill and will not be able to finish the semester; what do we need to do?
A: The procedure your son or daughter will use is an official withdrawal. A student desiring to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period should initiate withdrawal procedures with a counselor. Withdrawals are not official until the withdrawal form is completed and given to the Registrar's Office. Withdrawal deadlines are published in the official College Catalog and on the College's website.

Q: My son or daughter did not attend last semester and would like to return; what does he/she need to do?
A: Your son or daughter must apply for re-admission. Please visit the College's Admissions page.

Q: Why wasn't my son or daughter able to register for a particular course?
A: There may be several reasons why your son or daughter could not register for a particular course: Not all courses are offered every semester. The course may have been full at the time the registration request was made. The department offering the course may have placed an enrollment control on the course, so it can specifically monitor who enrolls in the course. In those cases, the department offering the course would need to be contacted.