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With Spanish for Requesting Personal Information and Data, you will be able to do the following (and more) in Spanish:

  • Obtain proof or copies of specific documents;
  • Acquire names, addresses, and phone numbers;
  • Obtain birth information;
  • Inquire about educational records;
  • Obtain information about employment history;
  • Request vehicle description and proof of insurance;
  • Ask for basic financial information;
  • Acquire housing information;
  • Determine legal status; and
  • Gather medical information

This program also contains the following appendices: Common Spanish First and Last Names; The Spanish Surname System; Use of Commas and Decimals; List of Countries and Nationalities; The Spanish Alphabet; Establishing Dates; Glossary; Signs; and Cross-Cultural Information. This book works well for government offices, utility companies, and organizations that need to collect personal data from Spanish-speaking persons.