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With Spanish for Retail Sales, you will be able to do the following (and more) in Spanish:

  • Greet customers and clients;
  • Express and receive dollar amounts;
  • Cash checks;
  • Make welfare card withdrawals/purchases;
  • Assist customers with purchases;
  • Sell money orders and wire money;
  • Conduct routine security tasks
  • Help the customer 'on the floor';
  • Assist customers with exchanges and refunds; and
  • Help customers with payments on account

This program also contains the following appendices: Announcing Currency; Commas and Decimals; The Spanish Surname System; Dates; Vocabulary Glossary; and Store Signs. This program is intended for non-Spanish-speaking employees of grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, department and discount stores, and other retail stores who may come into contact with Spanish-speaking customers.