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With Survival Spanish for Probation Officers, you will be able to do the following (and more) in Spanish:

  • Conduct initial and subsequent interviews;
  • Provide information regarding fines and restitution;
  • Greet and direct clients;
  • Provide information about court dates and appointments;
  • Complete drug screening;
  • Obtain information in order to complete status forms
  • Conduct field and home visits; and
  • Recognize offensive (red flag) dangerous words.

This program also contains the following appendices: English/Spanish Drug Table; Probation Glossary; Spanish Nicknames; Spanish Surname System; Consent Forms for Blood, Urine, or Hair Samples; and Bilingual Signs for the Probation Office. Probation officers learn how to conduct office visits in Spanish by reading from prescribed scripts. The program addresses both adult and juvenile probation and may be used for both state and federal probation officers.