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With Spanish for the Physician's Office, you will be able to do the following (and more) in Spanish:

  • Manage the front office;
  • Register patients and obtain patient medical history;
  • Provide intake instructions and take vitals;
  • Assess a patient's condition;
  • Determine patient's chief complaint;
  • Explain diagnosis;
  • Explain treatment provided by the physician;
  • Explain work-ups and other procedures;
  • Give discharge information and follow-up instructions;
  • Make physician referrals; and
  • Set/explains need for future appointments.

This program also contains the following English/Spanish glossaries: The Human Body; Diseases, Disorders, Injuries, and Accidents; Conditions and Symptoms; Operations and Procedures; Medical Personnel; Pharmacological Terms; Sexual Terminology; and Problem Words. To assist with making appointments, this program includes a laminated Power Spanish Appointment Card