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With Spanish for Nursing, you will be able to do the following (and more) in Spanish:

  • Obtain basic information and history about the patient;
  • Perform physical assessment including vital signs;
  • Prepare patients for surgery and other procedures;
  • Administer medication and injections;
  • Feed and bathe patients;
  • Assist and interact with the patient's family;
  • Indicate knowledge of Hispanic health system;
  • Reduce Hispanic's fear of hospital settings;
  • Honor patient's requests;
  • Assist in emergency situations; and
  • Perform routine procedures.

This program also contains the following English/Spanish glossaries: The Human Body; Diseases, Disorders, Injuries, and Accidents; Conditions and Symptoms Glossary; Operations and Procedures Glossary; Places in the Hospital; The Hospital Room; Medical Personnel; Pharmacological Terms; Sexual Terminology and Problem Words.