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With Engl's Minimo/Minimum English, non-English-speaking or limited-English-Speaking Hispanics will be able to do the following (and more) in English:

  • Give personal data;
  • Ask and receive information when looking for a place to rent;
  • Use and understand courtesy expressions;
  • Express systems to a doctor;
  • Enroll children in school;
  • Understand and respond to questions in a job interview;
  • Buy and return products;
  • Express and understand numbers from 1 to 1000; and
  • Express basic needs

In addition to Component 1 (Speaking in English) and Component 2 (Listening in English), this book also contains Component 3, which is a significant cross-cultural guide that provides great insights for recently arrived Hispanics so they may be able to more easily and readily navigate in and adapt to their new environment. This book puts recently arrived Hispanics on a fast-track to acculturation.