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With Community Spanish, you will be able to both SAY and UNDERSTAND the following in Spanish:

  • Greet, meet and say goodbye to people;
  • Use and understand courtesy expressions, likes, and dislikes;
  • Introduce yourself and others;
  • Give and receive directions;
  • Assist someone needing medical help;
  • Express and understand numbers, time and dates;
  • Order food and drink in Mexican restaurant; and
  • Express holiday greetings

In addition to the two language components, which emphasize both speaking and listening, this book also contains a significant cross-cultural guide that provides great insights for non-Hispanics with regard to their new Hispanic neighbors who have recently arrived in the U.S. This program also contains the following appendices: Telling Time and Dates; The Spanish Alphabet; Mexican Food Glossary; Relationships; Colors; Occupations; Grade Equivalency Table (assists with public school placement); and Deciphering Addresses.