Student ID Badge Policy

As a part of the College's commitment and strategy to ensuring safety and security for Luzerne County Community College students, all registered students will obtain and be in possession an LCCC student ID while on College property. Students may be asked to present their student ID's upon request by Campus Safety and Security.

Student ID Badge Procedure

  • Student ID badges can be obtained in the Campus Safety and Security office Building 1.
  • To receive a student ID, provide to Campus Safety and Security a copy of your current schedule either a paper copy or on your cellphone.
  • In addition to your schedule provide one of the following. A valid state driver's license, or state photo identification card, high school photo ID, passport, or military ID.
  • Lost or stolen ID's should be reported to Campus Safety and Security and a replacement ID will be issued with the additional valid ID listed above.
  • Students must not “loan” their ID to anyone for any reason.
  • Any questions or concerns contact Campus Safety and Security at 570-740-0304 or 570-239-0128.