LCCC President visits local alumni-owned business in Nanticoke

LCCC President visits local alumni-owned business in Nanticoke

As the employees of NEPA'rogi worked on the latest batches of perogies, Luzerne County Community College President Thomas P. Leary smiled and listened intently as Lauren Gorney gave him a tour of her business. As Gorney took him to the different pierogi-making stations, Leary learned how the LCCC alumni turned her dream into reality. Leary's visit to NEPA'rogi, along with other stops he's made over the years, gives him the chance to see how LCCC is helping graduates succeed in their local communities.*

"Lauren is an excellent example of how Luzerne County Community College continues to prepare graduates to become successful in our communities," Leary said. "She took her dream of opening up her own business and did that locally, which helps communities like Nanticoke. The majority of our graduates stay in our area, which means LCCC is helping to prepare the next local workforce. I am proud of Lauren and other graduates like her for their hard work, dedication and commitment to Northeastern Pennsylvania."

At the recent visit to NEPA'rogi at 164 S. Market Street in Nanticoke, patrons were already waiting in line at the counter, only a few minutes after the store opened. The counter was steadily flowing with people ready to bring home potato and cheese, cabbage, farmer's cheese, golden 'kraut and cabbage, or buffalo chicken wing perogies.

"I've been in business for the last three years," Gorney said. "I started off in a 300-foot-square facility and now I'm at a 3,000 square-foot facility. I'm so thankful to the local community for their support and to LCCC for my education. I was exposed to so many wonderful students and faculty members when I was going to school at Luzerne which has helped me in my career."

After graduating from LCCC with a degree in journalism, Gorney finished her bachelor's degree and master's degrees from Misericordia University.

When Leary arrived, Gorney explained what goes into the pierogi making progress by taking him to each station to see the dough-filled creations from start to finish. Leary said he was impressed with the work Gorney and her staff have done.

"Graduates like you can inspire others to follow their dreams," Leary told Gorney. "You are truly a people person and someone who is dedicated to your business, your employees and your community. What you told us about your experiences at LCCC makes me feel proud."

Gorney isn't the only member of her family to be an LCCC alumni. Her father graduated from the criminal justice program and her mother from the medical office assistant program. Additionally, Gorney's future sister-in-law Jasmyne Morgans and cousin Matt Panchura are both attending LCCC and work at NEPA'rogi. Morgans, manager and director of marketing for NEPA'rogi, and Panchura are both studying business. Gorney is also continuing to share her knowledge with LCCC students and is teaching BUS-201 Principles of Marketing.

"This is my first semester teaching at the College and I am so excited to be in the classroom, sharing my knowledge and helping future business leaders," Gorney said.