New Certified Manager Program Opens Doors of Opportunity
  Luzerne County Community College Delivers Course Offerings to Managers

Luzerne County Community College's (LCCC) Workforce and Community Development Division is seeking partnerships with companies and other organizations to deliver a new and unique Certified Manager (CM) Program. Designed for working adults, LCCC's CM Program includes three examination preparatory courses ' Foundations of Management, Planning and Organizing, and Leading and Controlling ' that lead to CM certification, a professional credential that attests to the competency of managers and is recognized worldwide. Luzerne County Community College is the only community college in Pennsylvania offering the program.

The Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), the world's largest certifying organization for management professionals, confers the Certified Manager or CM designation upon those who meet education and experience requirements and pass three examinations documenting professional skills in a wide variety of areas.

Certification has long been a mark of competency and credibility. CLUs (Certified Liability Underwriters), CFAs (Chartered Financial Analysts), and MCPs (Microsoft Certified Professionals) have all successfully used certification in their respective fields to distinguish them from their colleagues. Now managers can obtain professional recognition with the CM Program.

For individuals, CM certification:

  • builds management knowledge & skills
  • reflects professional achievement
  • enhances career opportunities and advancement

For employers, CM certification:

  • confirms management competence
  • demonstrates professional commitment/li>
  • sets standards for quality management

Through LCCC's CM Program and the management experience of seasoned instructors, participants will receive individual attention in a group-learning environment and will experience application-based learning that includes:

  • critical thinking and problem-solving skills development
  • real organizational case studies
  • self-esteem building and networking opportunities

As a convenience for the participants, the program will be delivered in a blended learning format using a combination of face to face instruction along with online learning and group audio teleconferencing. Each of the three courses is approximately 30 instructional hours, with 15 hours delivered face to face and the other hours delivered online and through audio teleconferencing. Enrollment is strictly limited to 14 participants.

For more information, contact Dave Sawicki, Director, Center for Business Solutions, Luzerne County Community College, 800-377-5222, ext. 7663 or