Frequently Asked Questions


Grading Information

Students will receive a letter grade for every course they complete. After you receive your final grade you will have until June 2, 2021 at noon to decide if you would like change your eligible course to a Pass Grade instead of a letter grade or withdraw from the course and receive a W (Withdrawal).

There are 2 types of Pass grades. The PS is a passing grade equal to a C or better. The PD is a passing grade equal to a D. Students who earned a C or better can choose the PS grade. A student who earned less than a C can chose a PD grade.

A PS or PD grade allows you to earn the credits for the course but will not impact your GPA.

At the end of the semester grades will be posted. You will receive an email to your LCCC email account with the link ( to the online grade request change form. Student will have 7 days to review their grades and submit the grade request change form.

All courses, except the Health Science major courses, are eligible for the PS and PD grade. Please click on for the form and list of your courses with the PS/PD status.

A W (Withdrawal) is not a passing grade and it signifies you withdrew from the course. You will need to retake a class with a W grade to complete it and earn a grade. All courses qualify for a W. The last day to withdraw is June 2, 2021.

Students who are concerned about their ability to join the alternative instructional plan can withdraw from classes that now require online participation, or receive an incomplete grade. The incomplete process will require faculty approval and a plan for the completion of the course. Faculty need to work directly with those students on the necessary paperwork. The College will be able to provide a Financial Aid waiver if necessary for their Federal and State aid to eliminate any negative impact on future aid due to these withdrawals and incompletes.

An I (Incomplete) is a temporary grade given in cases when the student is unable to complete the semester's work. For the Spring 2021 semester, students will work with their instructor to choose an I and develop a plan to complete course work or examinations by Spring 2022.

Students should initiate the request for an Incomplete by emailing their faculty requesting an incomplete form ( If approved, the faculty will complete the Incomplete form and submit it to the Registrar Office and copy you. The form will outline what is required of you in order to complete the course.

P/W and Incomplete grades will have no impact on future financial aid. The student will receive a financial aid waiver for the next semester's financial aid in order to maintain their academic progress status. This exemption is being made for the Spring 2021 semester due to the impact of COVID19.