Health Sciences Admission

Health Sciences programs have separate admission requirements. Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to specific Health Sciences programs. Selective admission is required due to the limited number of clinical facilities available. All applicants will be placed in the General Studies program pending acceptance into a Health Science program. Applicants are responsible for assembling and submitting all required application materials by the deadlines listed for each Health Sciences program. The Department of Health Sciences requires all students admitted to a Health Sciences program receive clearance on criminal background checks before final acceptance into a program within the College.

APPLICATION DATES: First Friday in January – Deadline to apply and submit all required application materials for Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Surgical Technology, and Respiratory Therapy.

Expanded Functions
Dental Assisting

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Emergency Medical Services – Paramedic

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Admission to the Health Science Programs is competitive and completion of minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to a program. The Health Science departments reserve the right to select the most qualified applicants and change the curriculum as deemed necessary at any time for preparation to new and emerging roles in society.

Credits for Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Developmental Psychology will be accepted in transfer to a Health Science Program only if they are completed within 5 years of entry. All required science courses must be 4 credits and have a lab component. A grade of C or better is also required. Anatomy and Physiology I and II must be completed at the same college for acceptance.

Due to mandated regulations by area clinical agencies in which LCCC Health Science students participate in clinical rotations, acceptance into the Health Science Programs is conditional based on the following background checks and screenings:

PA criminal background check
PA Child Abuse background check
10 panel drug screening
FBI fingerprint-based background screening
Office of Inspector General background screening for suspensions or disbarment from Federal Programs
Department of Motor Vehicle driver license screening for any prior or current history of DUI

All background check forms are provided to students from the Health Science Department after they are notified of acceptance into the program. Students will be required to satisfy these background checks and screenings before final notice of acceptance is offered to you by the Health Science Department. If any report indicates a positive criminal history or a student incurs a positive criminal history while enrolled the student will be prohibited from entrance into the Health Sciences Program or immediate dismissal if currently enrolled.

Students are also required to submit a physician-completed Health Form to College Health Services before final acceptance to the Health Sciences Programs. This form must document that the student is in good physical and mental health, free from any communicable disease and is physically and mentally capable of fulfilling all duties as required by the each Health Sciences Program.

In addition to any other academic and non-academic requirements mandated by College policy, students must also receive and provide the College with verification of satisfactory clearance on the following background checks for final acceptance into Luzerne County Community College's Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technician, Emergency Medical Services, Phlebotomy, EKG, and Re-entry into Nursing Health Science Professional Programs: Pennsylvania (PA) criminal background check; PA Child Abuse background check; 10-panel drug screening; FBI fingerprint-based background screening; Office of Inspector General background screening for suspension or disbarment from Federal Programs; and Department of Motor Vehicle driver license screening for any prior or current history of DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Notification of satisfactory clearance of all screenings must be completed prior to acceptance into the above-mentioned LCCC Health Science Professional Programs. Supplemental or additional background checks may be required during the course of the educational program to meet the requirements of clinical affiliation sites. Applicants' initial acceptance into LCCC Health Science Programs will not be not finalized until all LCCC and Health Science requirements have been met.

A satisfactory clearance means no criminal history. If any of the above-noted background checks indicate any criminal history, the student will be prohibited from entrance into the LCCC Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technician, Emergency Medical Services, Phlebotomy, EKG, and Re-entry into Nursing Programs . If a student incurs any conviction while enrolled, the student will be immediately dismissed from the program. Any resultant tuition refund requests will be handled in accordance with the LCCC tuition refund policy.

Because many states require a criminal background check for licensure, and many of the College's affiliated hospitals and clinical sites require a criminal background check on any student who will participate in a clinical rotation or experience at that site, students are strongly encouraged to review the licensure requirements of any state in which they intend to seek licensure and to review all information available from a state's licensing agency regarding the effect of criminal convictions on licensure.

Students are responsible for payment of all costs for background checks. Students who apply for acceptance into the LCCC Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technician, Emergency Medical Services, Phlebotomy, EKG, and Re-entry into Nursing programs at Luzerne County Community College are required to sign off that they agree to follow this policy, and that they certify that all of the information they provide relative to background checks is true and correct to their knowledge. Any falsified information will result in denial of acceptance or dismissal from the above-mentioned Health Science professional programs. Once enrolled in these programs, students have an affirmative obligation to notify the College in writing, through the appropriate Program/Department Chair or Director, of any criminal conviction incurred during the course of enrollment.

To help promote the health of our Health Science Students and to minimize the potential for transmission of communicable diseases for the students, their patients, and their contacts, we are requiring the following immunizations.

Hepatitis B - 3 dose series and/or positive Hepatitis B surface Antibody (HBsAb) quantitative titer (greater than 10 mIU/ml). Note – if the student does not have an adequate HBsAb after the second series of the hepatitis B vaccine, the student is considered a non-responder and further medical assessment will be required.

Varicella - 2 dose series or a positive titer. An affidavit of having the disease is not accepted.

Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis : DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), Td (tetanus, diphtheria), or Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis). A Td booster is required every 10 years.

Measles/Mumps/Rubella – Two Measles (rubeola), two Mumps, one Rubella (2 MMR doses meet this requirement) or positive titers.

Influenza vaccine is required by health science students to participate in clinical. If refusal, student will wear a mask while participating in the clinical area.

Health Sciences Admission Deferral Requests

If you have been offered admission to a health sciences program, you may request to defer your admission for up to one year.

Deferral Policies:

  • Deferred admission may be granted to admitted students who have submitted their health sciences non-refundable enrollment deposit and Deferral Request Form.
  • Nursing Deferral requests must be submitted no later than the deposit deadline date.
  • Deferred admission may be requested up to one year from the term of your admission.
  • Deferred students can remain enrolled at LCCC and must maintain all admission requirements which pertain to each Health Sciences program to remain eligible for deferment.
  • Students planning to enroll at another college or university are not eligible for deferral.
  • Financial aid offers cannot be deferred. Students awarded financial aid must reapply for aid. Existing student loan payments are not eligible for deferment. Student loans can be deferred once a student starts their health sciences program.
  • Deferral requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Health Sciences Selection Committee. Supporting documentation must be provided with the application of deferment when necessary.